I am loving your work! Just stumbled on your website by falling down a black hole of links leading from one page to another, and I'm glad I did. Love the cowboys and horses. I haven't looked through the entire site yet, but I'm ready to be awed.
Doug Hammerberg(non-registered)
Your love for nature and for Montana flow from your photography work...and that is an amazing talent you have that comes across so very naturally. What a joy to see your work!
jim Apicella(non-registered)
Montana is great. Its on my list along with Alaska. Your pictures are beautiful. Years ago I worked with George Tanguay at Pratt & Whitney and when I heard he passed away awhile back I was shocked. George was full of life and always tried to make everyone around him happy. Its been years since I talked with George. I moved to Orlando to sell real estate and was going to try and contact George and I noticed he worked for your company. I will try and contact his daughter (who I think is pictured with George on his Facebook page or any other family members) but anyway the pictures are beautiful and thanks for posting them.
Carl DiMaria(non-registered)
Beautiful eagle photos. Nice work all around, but the bald eagles are my favorite subjects.
Patricia Card
The beautiful woman you are on the inside is evidenced by the glory and wonder in your photography. We are crazy anxious to meet you face to face in the near future. Until we are neighbors, you photos will be the only thing that sustains our eager hearts! Thank you, thank you!
Patrick Kurtz(non-registered)
Amazing work! Really great photos!
Mari Edgekoski-Hammond(non-registered)
I love your pictures...they show off your heart.
Steve Schmidt(non-registered)
Really enjoy your pictures! We had a ranch just east of Jackson as you start up the hill leaving valley. Your pictures bring back lots of memories.
Lee Smith(non-registered)
Your photographic art and your poetry capture so wonderfully well the overwhelming beauty, expansive energy and strengthening spirit of this place I love, Montana, my home.
Dennis R. Dudley(non-registered)
...My parents are from Montana (little town of Sheridan) - it will always have a special place in my heart. As an amateur photog I really enjoy the splendor you bring to your images of Montana. Thanks.
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